Sqeegee is an evil version of Squidward who got the Weegee virus but for some reason he hates Weegee and they try to kill each other often. He has a lot of powers and has his own Sqeegee Stare which is very dangerous. But he is still evil. Sqeegee is the main antagonist in the Rise of Sqeegee Series. He was killed several times. Once in Episode 1, then he was killed in Episode 2, then he was killed inEpisode 3 but revived himself, then he was killed again in Episodes4 to 6. Sqeegee has many forms and the latest form(s) are Demon Sqeegee, Posessed Dark Sqeegee, and another upcoming Sqeegee Form.

Birth of Sqeegee

Sqeegee was made when Squidward got the Weegee Virus , but instead of turning into an exact clone of Weegee, he only had Weegee's face because the stare screwed up due to Squidward screaming. Weegee left the room and then Meegee got hit bySqeegee's stare and exploded. Sqeegee then had one goal in mind: to destroy Bikini Bottom.


Sqeegee appears in a DLC Stage


  • Sqeegee`s name comes from the words "Squidward" and "Weegee"
    Birth Of Sqeegee-0

    Birth Of Sqeegee-0

  • From Super Sqeegee to Infinity Sqeegee, Sqeegee has many more powerful forms
  • Many Rise of Sqeegee fans misspell Sqeegee`s name as "Squeegee", but it`s really "Sqeegee"
  • Sqeegee (With a "u") is a Cleaning Tool
  • Sqeegee (and all of his forms) have a petBudgeegee named Squdgeegee.
  • Sqeegee's name is like the cleaning Squeegee.
  • His full name is Squidweegee.
  • A common misconception for Sqeegee's name is Squeegee, because some people think that is the way his name is spelled. However, Sqeegee is the correct spelling.
    • Also, Squeegee was the first name Russmarrs2 was going to call him, but he didn't want people to think it was about a cleaner wanting to destroy the world.
      • Then, he came up with Squidweegee and Squideegee for names, but eventually decided on Sqeegee.
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